We are a complete wealth strategy company that focuses on setting up private pensions for both personal and company clients.  Our office is located in Michigan however we are a national company with clients across the country. 

There is a way to turn your retirement plan (even if it is a 401k or IRA) into a private pension that will never lose money and provide guaranteed income for the rest of yours and your spouse’s life. There is a broken business model when it comes to personal and business finance and we show people those flaws and fix them quickly and with simple solutions. 

We focus on stopping the four massive wealth drains everyone deals with during their lifetime.  The drains are:

1)      Income taxes

2)      Market losses

3)      Interest and fees paid to banks and finance companies

4)      Depreciation lost on big ticket items like cars, boats, office equipment etc.

When those drains are stopped or slowed down wealth is accumulated automatically and with very little effort.  We also show you how to make sure your five baskets of wealth are filled and balanced.  The 5 baskets of wealth are:

1)      Investments

2)      Guaranteed income sources

3)      Liquidity and control

4)      Long term or home health care

5)      Legacy

The company is run by John Jamieson who has been in business since the age of 21.  He is the bestselling author of “The Perpetual Wealth System”.  John is a sought after speaker, trainer, and wealth strategist who has given trainings in every major city in North America. 

Please watch the video on this site to find out how to create paychecks for life and never lose another dime in the stock market.  Then reach out to us so we can show you in writing that what you are learning here is not too good to be true but is absolutely true and can be a reality in your life. 

Our private pension is just one tool in our tool belt but it is a powerful one!  Contact us  at info@perpetualpensions.com for more details and a personalized plan for you to retire early and with plenty of money.

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to speaking with you soon!


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